About Stine Rasmussen

'For me, photography equals freedom'

Stine Rasmussen was born 1974 in Sønderborg, Denmark. After finishing university she settled in Vienna, Austria.


Over the years, photography has become an ever more important part of her life. Her trips around the world are documented in photographs and no matter where she goes her Scandinavian roots shine through. Straight lines, timeless design and simplicity always catch her eye.


Feeling and catching the moment are essential ingredients of Stine Rasmussen's work. By highlighting details and the beautiful angles of cities and works of art she shows her eye for the beauty a moment has to offer. 


‘For me, photography equals freedom. In my work, I aim to reflect the beauty of a new and old multicultural world and my photographs capture moments and details, that are often overlooked in the fast pace of daily life. There is no bigger reward than to spark a feeling in the viewer. Make them take the time, have an extra look and open their eyes to all the beauty the world has to offer.’