Photographs for the Danish newspaper "Politiken" on the "Grätzlhotel" by cultural journalist Christine Proksch (March 2016)

Image of Christine Proksch for her article "Weekend in Vienna" published in the Danish newspaper "Politiken" by Christine Proksch (April 2012)

Presentation "Danes Abroad" and photography by Stine Rasmussen at Iglesia Dinamarquesa, Buenos Aires, Argentina (March 2011)

"Impressions": Photo and Poster Exhibition Stine Rasmussen & Jewelry by Aviaaja Kleist Burkal  (January 2011)

Double winner at the initial 'So Schön ist Wien' photo competition, including printed posters and publication (Spring 2010)

The Next Generation: "Wien IST anders", Photo Exhibition Stine Rasmussen & Book Release of the Danish travel bestseller "Turen går til Wien" by Christine Proksch (January 2010)